SOR3012: Stochastic Processes and Risk


The theory of stochastic process is used to model the future behavior of systems in fields ranging from finance to weather forecasing. In stochastic models the future behavior of the system is modelled using random variables and probability. One can thus obtain information on the likelihood that the future will transpire in a particular way. In this module we focus primarily on probabilistic models that have the Markov property. In these models the probability of the future transpiring in a particular way depends only on the present state of the system and not on what happened in the past. These models find application in physics, quantitative finance and machine learning. A particularly important application of Markov processes is the method of Monte Carlo integration. We will thus finish by studying this technique and its application to problems in Bayesian inference.


The module assessment consists of the following activities:

item due date weight
One two page report on random variables 16:00 Tuesday Week 4 10
One portfolio of work done during the semester 16:00 Tuesday Week 13 (1st week of second semester) 45
One three hour examination in which all questions on the paper must be answered April exam period 45

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Portfolio projects

The final aspect of the assessment for this module is a portfolio for which you must produce projects on the following:

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